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The fourth Prague Spring album,  Thus, is an instrumental record which uses natural and unnatural sounds to invoke the kind of cinematic movement of theater or ambient video.

The album comprises three main sections, all the tracks are available in .mp3 format if you click on their names. Note that some of the songs seem to just cut off; they start up again at the next track. On the CD those songs actually seamlessly flow into the next track. 

Note that all images, music, video, sounds etc., are copyrighted by Braidwood. 

I. The Liturgy of the Hours 
1. Vigils
2. Lauds
3. Terce
4. Sext
5. None
6. Vespers
7. Compline

II. Prague Spring 
8. A Handful of Quietness
9. A Garden of Kisses
10. October River

III. Thus 
11. Thus

As of the original creation of this page, here is the only extant photograph of Sky Grealis and Andrew Bellware together...