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Prague Spring

Andrew Bellware




Pandora Machine announces Angry Planet.

Begins principal photography September 2007.


Braidwood Films is now Pandora Machine. But here's some of the stuff we did as Braidwood.


Millennium Crisis

Starring Ted Raimi, Clare Stevenson, Ato Essandoh, and Olja Hrustic.

Pandora Machine

In the near future, a privatized Police are no match for a new kind of killer. Released on DVD and VHS by The Asylum.

The Dance of the Seven Veils, a short. Featured on the Pandora Machine DVD.


There is a holy civil war on Earth. Lucifer has led a revolution by convincing millions of the most religious that he is God. Yet still, there are small pockets of resistance. . .
One such resistance cell is led by the atheist priest, Father Luther, and his lover, Sister Catherine. 
Every night they set out to track down and destroy Lucifer’s minions.. .
Meanwhile, on the eve of Satan’s assault on Heaven, a mysterious angel named Abdiel has arrived on Earth, his power and ambition may be greater than Lucifer’s. . .

Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkHamlet

A modern-dress, original language version of the Shakespeare play. Shot entirely on a toy video camera 1996. 

Murder at MidnightMurder at Midnight

A private short movie we made for New Year's Eve (1997-1998). 

Ave MariaAveMaria

Arty-type short. 1997. 


Another arty-type short. 1994 and 1998.. 

Jimmy Meets the French StewardessesJimmy Meets the French Stewardesses

A short comedy about the second coming of Christ, the world socialist revolution, and washing windows.