Come What May
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Prague Spring

Andrew Bellware




The sixth Prague Spring album, composed and performed by Andrew Bellware.

Drums on Speak to Me played by John Tadrick.

Music from the film Hamlet, and the play Macbeth, A Walking Shadow.

2008Come What May

1. Speak to Me
2. Free and Bounteous
3. The Triumph of His Pledge
4. Confession in Your Looks
5. A Young Maid's Wits
6. Too Slow of Sail
7. Thieves of Mercy
8. The Glassy Stream
9. The Rest is Silence
10. What Bloody Man is This?
11. A Walking Shadow
12. A Knocking at the Door
13. Alarum
14. Coronation
15. A Ghost
16. Bell
17. Heartbeat
18. Out Damn Spot
19. Bells
20. The Multitudinous Seas Incarnadine
21. Come What May
22. Unsex Me Now
23. Lived Long Enough
24. Thane of Fife

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