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This is a page of fun, not - quite - Braidwood, links. And incidentally, 
for those who are wondering why and how Braidwood got it's name. 
It's named after a nuclear power plant in Illinois. 

Manhattan Theatre Source.

My notes on recording in the field.

In Prague, during the riots.

The Erstwhile Book Club lives here. 

This is what Claire and I wore for Halloween '98

This is a page I created for some Young Friends who made a CD. 

This is a page for Jenn Gano

Here's a picture of my friend Ed

My sister's company,

My sister decided she was Andy Warhol and made this

A book by my friend Bob Carstenson, The Real Resume, lives here. 
Here are parts 2 and 3

Claire M. Sommer is self-explanatory.