Synopsis and Cast of Characters

SYNOPSIS: In the near future, the privatized police force must contend with a new kind of killer. In this film-noir science fiction tale, a police detective struggles to find his place in a world where profits matter more than justice.

MICHAEL KELLY: 30s, strong, hard-bitten, police detective. Under interrogation, he shares his encounters with the darker side of law enforcement and faces not only his personal demons, but actual demons created by the State. Nudity. LEAD.

JANE SIKORSKI: 20s-30s, police detective android. Although she doesn’t realize that she’s artificial, she’s programmed never to be shocked or emotionally affected by the violence she sees. . . until a flaw in her programming causes her to begin thinking for herself. LEAD.

ATHENA: 20s-30s, military assassin android. A former tool of the State, she has attained sentience and self-awareness. As she begins to take charge of her own life, she turns her assassin skills against her former controllers. Nudity. LEAD.

MITCHELL OSRICK: 30s-40s, the terrifying police officer interrogating Kelly. He knows more than he lets on, and has some tricks up his sleeve to make sure he gets what he wants. SUPPORTING.

ISABELLA VON LIECHTENSTEIN: 20s-40s, trophy wife accused of murdering her evil, wealthy husband. Her case is dropped, though she never claims to be innocent. SUPPORTING.

RUPERT ODESSA: 30s, polished trial attorney for von Liechtenstein. His knowledge of the new, profit-driven law enforcement system protects his clients from having to pay for their crimes. No dialogue. SUPPORTING.

CAPTAIN MISHA DESCARTES: 30s-50s, police captain and aesthete. Though the police structure forces her to focus on the bottom line, she is not unsympathetic toward her officers. SUPPORTING.

DEPUTY MAYOR MORRIS FINKINS: 30s-70s, metropolitan mayor. He is the first victim in a series of killings that are striking fear into the very heart of the establishment. SUPPORTING. No dialogue.

NATALIE LEWIS: 20s-30s, homeless, possibly a radical. While being taken into custody for a violation of the city’s strict curfew laws, she falls victim to the same inhuman killer responsible for the death of the Deputy Mayor. SUPPORTING.

SARAH NAZARETH: 20s-30s, homeless, possibly a radical. To avoid arrest for violating curfew laws, she runs—grounds for justifiable homicide (even if accidental) on the part of the arresting officers. SUPPORTING.

RACHEL MOLOTOV: 30s-40s, police account auditor. Responsible for administering the "pay-for-performance" initiative for the privatized police force, she knows more about its expensive android equipment than she lets on. SUPPORTING.

SONIA KELLY: 30s, beautiful and successful wife of Michael. She records a playful, romantic, teasing holographic message for her husband—which he’ll replay again and again after her tragic death. Nudity. SUPPORTING.

LILY GARLAND: 20s-30s, vulnerable, passionate. Her sense of security is shattered when her friend Nikoli is slaughtered by an inhuman serial killer. Nudity. SUPPORTING.

HENRY JOHNSON: 20s-30s, Lily’s lover. The sight of his friend Nikoli being attacked and killed renders him incapable even of making a statement to the police. Nudity. No dialogue. SUPPORTING.

NIKOLI IAGO: 20s-30s, leader of a cell of dissidents. Targeted by an inhuman serial killer, Nikoli is attacked and devoured while his friends make love on a sofa in the next room. No dialogue. SUPPORTING.

AUGUST EVINRUUD: 30s-40s, police forensic expert. A hipster with a scientist’s enthusiasm for the latest technology, no matter what horrors it reveals. SUPPORTING.

NORA MEREDITH: 20s-30s, police forensic assistant. Her fascination with crimes and crime scenes makes her the perfect woman for investigating brutal serial killings. SUPPORTING.

NEURO-NECROMOTRON: 20s-50s, psychotic assassin created by the military. This former mental patient, after a "treatment" regiment prescribed by the military, still exhibits traits of his mental illness, but is useful as a highly controllable assassin. SUPPORTING.

ARNO BIERWIRTH: 40s-50s, Neuro-Necromotron’s controller. His position of power puts him directly in the path of Athena, who is determined to eliminate the controllers. SUPPORTING.

VILIAM CHROMA: 30s-40s, leader of a cell of dissidents. Her unorthodox activities mean she is marked for destruction by the military’s newest assassin. No dialogue. SUPPORTING.

MELISSA SIRHAN: 20s-30s, a violent and potentially sadistic member of military special forces unit. She stands threateningly and quietly near Kelly during his interrogation. No dialogue. SUPPORTING.

BUFORD PRETTYMAN: 40s-60s, executive officer in charge of the controllers. He is determined to terminate the newly sentient androids and replace them with more easily controlled biomechanical assassins – taking humans and turning them into monsters. SUPPORTING.

HORATIO TESLA: 40s-50s, human heuristics expert. He is called in to be present during sensitive interrogations, to evaluate the subject’s truthfulness and to pass judgment based on the subject’s physiological reactions to questions. No dialogue. SUPPORTING.